Great Tasting Food With A Harbour View At Gantry Restaurant

Are you searching for a restaurant that offers a great dining experience? Perhaps you have a special date that you want to impress or you would like to celebrate a special occasion. Search no more because the Gantry Restaurant offers fine dining in Sydney amidst a beautiful backdrop of its famed harbour.

You will be enthralled by the view while you are eating your dinner because this fine restaurant is located in Pier One Sydney. Your food will seem to be a lot more enjoyable while you are watching the amazing spectacle around you, especially if you go there in the evening. You will have fine dining in Sydney plus a 360 degree view of its world-famous harbor.

But the panoramic view is just one of the plusses of the Gantry Restaurant. What will keep you locked on your dining seat is its great tasting cuisine. This place offers the best fine dining in Sydney with its great food options. Gantry has a wide variety of great tasting menu that will surely satisfy all kinds of palate. Take the restaurant’s ala carte menu for example.

Among the many Sydney restaurants in Pier One, Gantry has an ala carte menu consisting of 14 choices or varieties. Surely, there is one on the menu list that you and your party will truly enjoy. If you are after seafood, you can try the Oysters with fingerlime and mignonette. There is also the South Australian calamari combined with crisp chicken, topped with corn and black garlic.

If this is your first time in Sydney, perhaps you would be interested in tasting one of their homegrown animals, the kangaroo. Gantry has a special menu that it calls Charcoal Grilled Paroo Kangaroo. To make it taste more special, this restaurant adds some juniper, raddichio and pickled pear to the grilled kangaroo meat.

But that’s not all. The Gantry Restaurant also has scheduled special nights during the week where special menus are offered to its customers. These special nights and special menus are some of the things that you need to experience if you really want enjoy the best that Sydney can offer.

In one of these special nights, Gantry may partner with a well-known Champagne maker such as Perrier-Joulet. The collaboration is designed to create a garden-inspired food feast with champagne as its focus. For instance, you will be offered a four-course menu that is specially and artistically prepared by Thom Gorringe, the head chef of one of the best Sydney Restaurants with a view.

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